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Final Showdown Announcment!

As the judges deliberate to select our final winners, would would like you to take a moment to examine the final judging guidelines to help prepare for your final presentation!

Since these you have seen the projects before, we want to guide base on he final presentation. Below is the scoring rubric for the last three categories.  We are treating the Pitch of Product like a conference talk and should be judged on a professional level.  We would prefer 3-5 questions for each group.  Please prepare for challenging questions that would make the you think outside the box of their given project scope. For the last category we wanted to leave subjectively for each individual judge where 0 is the worst and 5 is the best.  Good luck everyone!

  • Pitch of Product
    • 0 Stars -> No presentation.
    • 1 Stars -> Poor communication of solution to problem
    • 2 Stars -> Clear communication of problem
    • 3 Stars -> Professional pitch of given prototype with business and PowerPoint
    • 4 Stars -> High potential of investment of product
    • 5 Stars -> A judge takes out hard cash and invests on the spot
  • Responses to Questions
    • 0 Stars -> Refused to answer any questions.
    • 1 Stars -> Diverting from the questions and not answering what was asked
    • 2 Stars -> Answered most questions
    • 3 Stars -> Answered all questions adequately
    • 4 Stars -> Answered all question concisely
    • 5 Stars -> Answers exceed expectations.
  • Overall Impression
    This will be the judge's overall subjective impression of your product.
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